ASK Wellness Center, LLC

Life is a maze of choices and can seem like a balancing act that leaves you trying to unlock doors to the secrets of happiness. Figuring out how to achieve harmony and success in your life despite circumstances, is what we attempt to help you do, no matter what type of problems you face. ASK - we'll help!
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment for all ages.
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Client experiencing:
Professional success but dissatisfaction

Client experiencing:
Early Life Challenges

Client experiencing:
Happy Facade but feeling Miserable

Client experiencing:
Growing Pains and Confusion

Client experiencing:
Anger and Stress

Those Served
Our team is passionate and strive to give you the best according to your needs. We work with children (ages 5 and up), adolescents and adults. Problems associated with ADHD, grief, depression, anxiety and substance abuse are treated.
  • Dr. Michael Holland, LPC, LADAC, AADC, CCDP-D (Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders)
  • John L. Shasteen, LCSW
  • Valerie Perry, LCSW
We understand that your job and school responsibilities mean you need flexibility, so we offer extended hours by appointment.
M-Sat. 9 am - 9 pm.
  1. Children
    Step-Families, ADHD, Self-Esteem, Oppositional Behaviors
  2. Teens
    Social Anxiety, Defiance, Self-Understanding
  3. Adults
    Relationships, Work-Related Issues, Substance Abuse
  4. Seniors
    Retirement, Grief and Loss, Limitations and Physical Changes

Dr. Michael H olland, Ph.D.

Doctorate in Counseling
Masters in Counseling
Masters in Philosophy

John Shasteen, MSW

Masters in Social Work

Valerie Perry, MSW

Masters in Social Work
Masters in Religious Ed

Meet the Team!
Michael W. Holland, Ph.D., LPC, LADAC, AADC, CCDP-D, IAADC, ICCDPD

I have found adversity and peace in my lifetime, so I know struggles are real – but anyone can overcome! Becoming a counselor has been a journey from my educational roots to a clinical practice. However, it has helped me understand the importance of self-reflection. In battling my own issues and using tools to help calm myself, I have taken risks that are continuing to pay off. ASKing, truly works!
Valerie Perry, LCSW

I became a therapist 32 years ago because I believe life is precious and meant to be lived to the fullest. It incorporates both positive and negative surprises, but all of these experiences build bridges to understanding oneself and others. When hard times come for me, I remember the support I’ve been given through family and friends. My faith, husband and four children help me keep my life balanced. Life truly can be great – just ASK!
John Shasteen, LCSW

My personal goals are to address the dignity of persons of all ages. I value the worth of people of all walks of life, their individual experiences, and self-worth. ASKing for support is not easy and when you are ready, I am available.
Let's Get Started
You no longer have to wait and try to work through problems on your own. Call us today and we can work together to make changes that will help take you to the next step in your life. Our professional staff are ready to help you along the way. We will help you unlock the doors to a better life. Don't stay on the outside of happiness - ASK us for help. We'll be there!